Age-Old Beauty Reigns in Kathe Fraga's Paintings..

For most of us on this side of the pond, old things are relatively new.
An old farmhouse is one that has been around a hundred years...
When you visit Europe, the thing that strikes most westerners is being immersed in such a rich history.
Every surface and item are truly "old",  reaching back many centuries, ages even. 

Antiques and time worn objects give your home character, 
each piece unique, with it's own secrets and tales..
Art and textiles, however, can be very costly, and may not be within most peoples reach.

Enter the work of Kathe Fraga.
Acrylic and ink on frescoed canvas, each piece offers the beauty of an aged fresco panel.
Kathe has mastered a delicate Chinoiserie style, incorperating birds, flowers, vines and leaves into art that will take you away to the streets of Paris..

Toujours Ensemble


ChezNous                         Cherry Blossom Red


That Beautiful Morning

La Petit Bisou

Radiant color celebrating nature... the only problem is choosing which one is your favorite!

til next time...

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