ChooChoo Photography and the Lovely Jeni

So last night Jeni of ChooChoo Photography and I had a coffee, and she delivered the gorgeous Giclee print below for our giveaway:

I chose the print because besides its obvious artistic merit, it captures a moment shared between a Mother and Daughter... full of elation and joy.. a we-can-do-anything-if-we-do-it-together moment.

It's even better up close.

Jeni is a darling, and I am so happy to have found another person here who loves being a Mom and vintage treasure hunting as much as I do! I knew we were kindred spirits when her eyes sparkled as she described her son and then a bench she rescued and upcycled...

So guys, this is your chance to have this fantastical print as your own (not that I wouldn't be very happy to let it live here :))... just leave a comment before Mother's Day, telling us what you love about it.. a winner (chosen at random) will be announced next Monday.. 

til next time...

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