The Denim Invasion..

Perhaps because of all the love denim is being shown in the fashion world...


but I am craving a wee smidgeon...

The enormous over-stuffed denim slipcovered couches of the nineties left a bad taste in my mouth,
 and I haven't been ready to introduce denim back into interiors since.

 Let's step softly..

Here is a more refined sofa looking quite casual in all it's jean glory..
Perfect for a farmhouse..


Upcycling in action - an artsy interior could pull this one off:


I think I'd like to add a layer of 3 taller square pillows across the back..
 maybe a contrasting fabric?!

This is well done, a classic square-arm sofa,
with the denim broken up a bit by throw pillows..

It's accessorized enough to be interesting
 but stops before it gets cutesy.

Need indestructible?
 This would be a fantastic landing spot for kids:


Something a bit sleeker more your style?
It's the skinny jean of denim sofas!

How about a smaller piece?
Martha's daybed:


Maybe all anyone really needs is a very rock and roll chair tucked into a corner:

Isn't that gorgeous? That one I would bring home :)

 Would you use denim in your space?

I am thinking about making some "Moroccan" Poufs out of black denim for the family room..
Interested? Find a great tutorial here.

til next time..

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