Walls as a Sprawling Canvas..

When someone says indoor wall mural
 I think giant orange sunsets and
larger-than-life deer peeking their heads out of a jumbled green forest..

I have always preferred an artistic approach to walls
 rather than covering the walls with more realism!

unique wallpapers at Hang & Paste

These wall murals, from Hang and Paste
are not seventies tacky, but oversized works of art:

Titled "Crap on Weeds"!
Wouldn't this be perfect for a wall in a boy's room?

fantastical.. completely stunning

Not entirely sure if I included this one because of the work itself,
 or just because I loved the photo below!

Not your usual beach mural..

This one is my favourite, both strong and delicate at once.. 

wishing for an enormous version of this over my fireplace,
 where we have an eighteen foot ceiling..
(and a lot of empty space!!)

Would you put any of these on your walls?

As the founders of Hang and Paste say,
"Walls do more than connect you floor to your ceiling. 
They are a sprawling canvas, ripe for personal expression."

Couldn't have said it better myself :)

til next time..

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