Can This Paint Change Design?

Does anyone remember those hypercolor t-shirts that changed color with body heat?
Memories of kiosks in the mall heaped with garishly colored cottons
 and people huggingt-shirts to their chests gleefully experimenting..

This trip down memory lane was courtesy of
who are manufacturing a paint that is heat reactive.

It begins as a base coat of white,
with either black or blue eclipse on top.

As the paints heats, it will change from the black or blue color to white!
If you like, you can add a "candy coat" on top of the eclipse paint -
which will result in the black or white becoming the other color you have chosen.

There are also glitter options! (do not, under any circumstances, tell Coco!)

While this is a wee bit gimmicky, I wonder if it harkens to future possibilities..
imagine a room that can change color to repel or absorb the suns rays as we choose..

Energy efficient walls?

There are huge design considerations here as well,
imagine the ability to have different colors in a room dependent on the time of day.

Obviously the color options would have to be expanded hugely,
the current finishes look like something you would find on a bike frame, not a wall -
 but still..


Oh, yes, and thought you may get a kick out of these options that are floating around..

I see dorm room possibilites..
synthetic snakeskin Please Touch Pillow..


You have all seen this one, I'm sure..

and Shi Yuan also made a fading calendar and interactive art..

Apartment Therapy found this Yala Sofa by Elliat Rich that I quite like -


some people at  Moving Color that are exploring ideas..
and there is a really lengthy article here about the technical side
 if you need to know how it works - I admit I did not read it well.. visual learner :)

Are we going to find tasteful way to use this technology to our advantage in interiors?
Or will it remain relegated to baby spoons and gimmicks?

til next time..

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