Etsy Artist: Yellena James Bringing Pen and Ink To Life

I love Japanese art..
"The Great Wave of Kanagawa" by Hokusai
is one of my favourite pieces of art - ever.


I actually have a print of this work and four others waiting to be framed for my living room..

There's something enchanting about his style, such movement and emotion captured so delicately.

So when I found Yellena James work on Etsy I was instantly taken in..

After reading her profile I discovered she has produced works for Anthropologie - of course!

She works with pen and ink and marker.. such simple tools to create these richly detailed drawings.

These hard-edged geometrics worked in are unusual in her pieces -
 they add a more surreal vibe, don't they? 

At the moment she is having a print sale, 
so mosey on over to her Etsy shop and splurge!

Your walls will thank you :)

Maybe - Print

I had a few minutes yesterday to peruse Etsy and found some outstanding fall clothing -
 try to share this weekend..
Off to back to back bbq's this weekend - trying to squeeze out every last drop of summer.

What are you all up to?

til next time..

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