Bento Box Fabulousness!

So quiet here today... all the kids back in school..
in the spirit of things, a post on lunchbox ideas.

A while back I met Chantale on twitter.
One day I noticed her tweet about a bento box, and clicked.. to find this!

Is that not the cutest thing ever?!

As a Mum of three, I have to tell you, lunches get packed up quickly in the morning - 
the kids choose what they would like, get out all the supplies and containers required, 
and I whip them together while they eat breakfast.

I have never, ever made them something like this!
We do have a sandwich cutter which de-crusts and creates two heart shaped halves -
 that is as fancy as it gets!

I have been exploring Chantale's creations over the summer.. and feeling just a teensy bit guilty :)


Although I have not let the kids see these, 
I am planning to try and make them each monday this year - start the week off with a smile :)
Chantale has loads of inspiration on her blog, and provides links to some great sites..

Anyone game to try these with me?
I'd love to see what you come up with!

til next time..

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