Leopard Love

It started in high school.
I found a silk leopard printed scarf and it became my signature bit.
tied in my hair, on my bag, as a sash..
that scarf could have told some stories :)

Oh yes, the knee-length faux leopard coat was so hot in 1999..
moving from the city to the burbs, I still wore it out to the grocery store,
much to our neighbours amusement.


Onward to my first apartment, which looked nothing like these spaces below, LOL.
 My first purchase was a leopard carpet - I was sleeping on a futon, but had my carpet!!

 There is always a few leopard pillows floating about our place..
it never fails to impress me how versatile this print is - 
moving from room-to-room with ease..



Currently, I am trying to convince D. that the old Chippendale sofa 
sitting in our bedroom could really use a little leopard love..

It may just skip off to the upholsterers one day, ready to be re-invented...


I like animal prints when used with RESTRAINT- 
they add that bit of kitsch and take the edge off.
Do you use any?
Which is your favourite?

on a side note, I was trying to find an example of a chippendale sofa done up in leopard to sell D.,
and have learned that searching chippendale leopard in google will bring up many results,
 most of whom are male and scantily clad :) 
didn't impress him, for some reason!

til next time..

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