I Won the Kijiji Lottery! Ha!

Perserverence + Kijiji = A Dining Suite for $100!!!


If someone had told me a few years ago I'd be dancing for joy
an antique table with harpback chairs and an ornate china cabinet
I'd have laughed, quite heartily :)
But tastes change, don't they - and that's another post..

I tried to retrieve the pics to show you, but the ad was already gone.
So a few examples of what these chairs could be.. now I just have to get D. to agree to paint!
What is it with men and their resistance to painting wood?!!


 The table and chairs are headed for my dining room, 
the cabinet for my new office/craft room that's in the works..

mind the surfboard..not quite close enough to the ocean here for that!
 just wanted to show you the paint color I'm perusing,
Windsor Green, Ralph Lauren

Working at home today, but I may sneak in a visit to the fabric store for the dining room chair fabric :)

have a great day!

til next time..

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