The Weekend Projects

If you are lucky, some weekends find you in a place like this,
with a book, and some spare time..

In reality, most weekends are spent like this..

 painting a shelf for Cam's Hockey and baseball trophies to live on.

 making birthday party invites for Coco's gingerbread-house-making party
 (first one, not sure whatI've gotten myself into here!)
and baking a trial version.

 making one of these

created on: 01/07/09

for over the dining room table.

 the classic white is simply beautiful, but I was considering jute twine,
 or maybe cobalt blue for a different twist -

 I'd love your opinions..

Found great instructions from Jen at Made by Girl
 and she was even kind enough to email me all the extra electrical and mounting instructions
 ( of which there is a scary amount :)

If those all get done today, the kids are determined to get one of our trees up tomorrow, 
so that will be Sunday.
What are you up to this weekend?

til next time..

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