Moving On From Christmas to a New Year..

So our Christmas flew by.. yours?
Sorry for the lack of posts but today is our first day with no festive plans!
The kids had a blast on Christmas morning, of course...

The hit of the day was the plastic slinky!

He wants to be an engineer and build solar powered cars, so lego comes naturally :)

She has discovered the joy of reading, and neon hair :)

The eldest darling wore her new ski jacket and pandora bracelet
 the entire time she was magnifying everything in the house... 
"eww, Mum, come see what my hair/tissue paper/dog treats look like"

Days filled with skiing, skating, walks in the snowy woods and travel to see the families..
it was full of laughs and hugs, just as it should be, 
and I'm thankful for all of our blessings.
(and my new Kate Spade bag! 
A complete surprise, from my honey, who knows what I would love before I do :)

Now comes the next part, packing up and moving on.

I don't know if any of you experience this,
 but removing all the excess and then giving the house a good clean
 leaves me feeling ready for the New Year.

Maybe it's trying to find space for the new "things" that have entered the home over the holidays,
 but this is usually when my organizational side kicks in and the need to start cleaning out closets..

Over the next few weeks I am going to tackle some of our bigger storage and organization problems,
hopefully you'll come by and share your tips with us!

Today I'm packing Christmas decorations.
I wrap them in tissue and place into labelled (glass balls, etc)
 red plastic storage containers in the basement.
I guess it's not a surprise that I like color coding everything :)
How do you store your decorations?
Are you still in Christmas mode or have you packed up already?

til next time..

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