The Escape You Have Been Looking For

It's been a while since a hotel took my breath away.

I"m truly not interested in indulgence and excess at the moment.
Maybe it is the holiday madness, 
but this destination, which interprets it's surroundings so well, is calling..


sit seven cubes, each uniquely

designed by their architects

to blend in with the terrain

and to take advantage of the spectacular environment,

no matter the season.

To say that they have removed visual distraction from these structures

is an understatement.

But they are not without warmth.

A good sleep is essential for this

or perhaps a day spent visiting the farm

or the spa,

located amongst the magic waters 

of St Olav's spring.

Which is supposed to offer anyone who drinks it health and youth.

Anyone fancy a girls weekend?!

til next time..

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