Resolution Week: Number 1, Taking Time For Your Mind and Body

I used to do yoga each and every day.

yoga room.jpg

It's my favourite way to strengthen and tone because it creates such a
calm within your body and your mind.


Having three children enables you to appreciate quiet in a unique way :)


I love the simplicity.
You don't need much space or equipment, just a slice of floor and a place to keep your mat.
(umbrella stands work really well)

People hitting the gym on vacation used to seem ridiculous.
Then I discovered yoga.
Now I am that person carrying on her yoga mat
 for fear it will be lost in the baggage compartment :)
Who cares about the clothes, save the lululemon mat!


Last year I took a break due to injury, and fell out of habit.
 But I so miss that sliver of peace...and the refreshment and energy it brings.
Resolution number 1 is about giving exercise and meditation the priority it deserves in 2011.

til next time..

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