The Great Clean Out - The Posts Are In!

It's here!

A massive thank you going out to the talented ladies who participated in the Great Clean Out -
we thought that commiting to an organization post together would motivate us and so it did!

I received your pics, but have not yet read the posts that go along with them,
and am dying to read the stories of these makeovers.
Here is a little of what you can expect at each blog..

Drumroll please...

Barbara of Hodgepodge 

Have you ever wanted to re-arrange your entire home -
change the purpose of each room to what is really should be?
I have.. and then I go back to whatever I am doing!
Barb is boldly undertaking a huge refresher at her place - I so admire her efforts.
She is sharing a bit of "games room" re-organization with us...
always wanted a games room, it sounds so grand :)

Carissa has done such a great job of incorporating storage into her library.
Library... another grand room!
The before really wasn't so bad, but I love how the after frames out a perfect niche for her piano.
And I've requested her paint choices because I LOVE them :)
This is a room I could spend some time in.

Have to say, Abby has kept me laughing through this process, 
and I know her post is going to crack me up!
Abby is in the process of selling her home, 
so she had a bit of a head start :)
because she has just recently gone through the painful de-clutter process..
but every girl has a cupboard somewhere that irks her,
and Abby conquered hers this weekend!

Kerry is kind of my hero.
I always had a dream of buying an old house and redoing it.
Kerry and her husband are doing just that, 
so I don't think this organization post scared her one bit!
Kerry is also expecting,
and so a great big hug to you - Kerry,
for all your efforts - 
love how your laundry/craft room turned out!

Christine of Bijou and Boheme

Oh, Christine.
Somehow I knew that a closet makeover in your home would end up being 
better styled and more chic than most people's living rooms!
How happy my shoes would be to live in this bit of pretty.
Thank you for inspiring me to make my hall closet my next project!

The 10 Rooms Head Office

Just recently relocated my office/craft room in my home, and there was ZERO organization.
I was really procrastinating, but having an end date meant eventually I had to get going.
So relieved that it is done, it is so freeing to let go of all that excess "stuff"
and get organized!

Thanks again to all you wonderful "organizistas" -
it was so much fun to do this post with all of you!
Hope that everyone is inspired by all the hard work that went on,
and by how happy we are to tick a job off the to-do list.

If you are in the process of an organization project,
share the pics when you are finished and I'll post them!
I've got heaps of other closets and drawers that need "the treatment" :)

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