a little pretty

First of all,
THANK YOU for taking the time to read my curtain post yesterday,
I was blown away by how many of you commented - so sweet.
 It's unanimous - Roman Blinds got all your love. And mine!

I've been looking at some tutorials,
(thank you, Jennifer!)
and have been thinking about the simplest way to make them - 
I'll show you all my trial and errors :) when they are finished.
Keep your fingers crossed I do not trash any of my precious three metres, LOL.

Today I thought maybe a little pretty was in order.
Pantone loves pink and Benjamin Moore loves citron,
put them together and they form a palette that puts some spring in your step.

J Crew
( okay, this skews a little more lemon than citron, but it's so pretty!)

Nina Ricci
This is true citron as I see it - more yellow than green,
with plenty of white to make it a tint rather than a shade.


This home has such a positive vibe.
A darker "citron".
Don't you just love that striped setee? Yummy :)
I am quite sure my husband would never agree to it,
but a girl can dream..


Betsey Johnson.
This has been around for ages, and talked to death,
but I still love this girls style - fearless.


Some art to make your walls happy...

source 1 2 3

A spot of fabric...

1 2 3 4

Flower power :) 


Just what we need to get into the Valentines Day spirit, non?

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