Palm Beach Week: Beach House, Jonathon Adler Style

Ask Jonathon Adler what he does and he'll say he makes things.

That's a very humble description coming from the man who, 
despite calling himself a Potter, 
has created his own design empire -
 all based on his signature style, Happy Chic.

Really, anyone who describes his style as Happy Chic has promise in my
makes your-own-rules, live-with-what-you-love,
don't-take-your-home-so-seriously world :)

His pottery may be stunning in white...

but his interiors are dripping in color...

and his stunning Palm Beach getaway is every bit the glamour girl she should be.

it's interesting to note here that all the walls are white except the guest bedroom.
All this juicy color is brought in with textiles, accessories and small furnishings - 
that orange table is everywhere!

Jonathon once remarked that he ventured down to Palm Beach on vacation as lark,
expecting to find old ladies everywhere.
Instead he fell in love with the classic, luxe, preppy vibe,
and created his ocean getaway.

I would LOVE to spend weekends there!

This weekend I will be posting some Palm Beach goodness that isn't found in Palm Beach..
loads of people incorperate this style in their homes,
and it's really easy to do.

Pop by for some great inspiration and talent - 
hope you are having a fantabulous friday!
We're having some fabulous company for cocktails tonight, 
and a family dinner party Sunday..

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