the right way to paint furniture

My love for painted furniture runs deep.
I have no qualms about transforming a worn old wood piece with a lick of color.
It's like painting a wall, 
my heart is bursting when that first bit goes on and it is PERFECT!

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One of my must-reads every day is Better After -
do you visit?
Lindsey features fantastic readers re-dos (say that five times fast!),
and her charismatic writing is not to be missed :)

That said, there are so many redo's out there people begin to think it's easy.

It's really not.

You can slap on a quick coat of paint, of course -
and it will look just that, slapped on.
To really bring a tired piece up to par it needs LOVE.
And by love I mean elbow grease.
Preparation is a must.

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This morning I read a fantastic primer at Effortless Style
detailing how to properly paint a piece of furniture.
I must say, I usually use the wood putty first, sand, then prime and sand,
but Camila is a painting star, and really goes the distance to ensure a proper finish.
Pop over and read her process..
it's rather full of great tips for reviving your latest thrift find.

Great color, yes?

Today I am picking up materials to get the blinds started..
hope to show them to you by weeks end!

Have a great day :)

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