Need Art? Free Vintage Printable Site

Some days I get lost in the internet.

Simply checking email or creating a board for a client becomes
an all-out adventure...
merrily click-click-clicking away...
and then success - elation at finding little-known bits of talent and spectacular resources.

I'm not alone here, right?
Hope I'm not the only one spending entirely too much time "researching" :)

Anyhow, this one you will like.
I was looking through the vintage botanical charts available for a client
and found...

a blog titled Vintage Printable - sounds promising already, doesn't it?

There are heaps and heaps of art to be had here, lovelies.
Did I mention it was all free?

They also suggest using their images to create fabric on Spoonflower,
which had my head reeling with the possibilities!
(Spoonflower is a create-your-own-fabric site that I found through Christine
 and before you head over there just be warned it's highly addictive!!)

 The only downfall is how slowly the site loads (so much data)
but you can click here to peruse their finds through google images..

I am absolutely using these in a nursery at some point.

hello, games room...

I know hanging a grouping of empty frames was a trend a while back,
 but really,
 which one would you rather have?

even bulletin boards need some love :)

I am always telling clients that their accessories tell a story,
and they should be chosen with care.
Those layers you add to your home are the things that set your home apart from everyone else's.
Skip the mass produced art and
lets fill in the blanks with interest, shall we?

happy clicking!

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