Blog Love

There is a fantastic number of creative bloggers out there,
and it's impossible to stay up on them all, isn't it?!

There were heaps of cool things floating around out there this week,
and I wanted to share some with you, 
in case you missed them!

Always trying to eat a bit better around here, and this cooking site has me inspired!

If you have kids, and are really, really, really (!!) tired
 of repeating the same house rules over and over again, 
check out what Carissa made - it's gorgeous!

In other display ideas, 
Carol added a very simple border of color around her fab DIY mirror-
look how much impact it added - great idea!

I love this cute diy necklace from Domestikated Kate.

Sarah featured the most lovely hairstyle I've seen in a while, so, so pretty!

Hate cords? Betcha you'll like these one!

Easter is just around the corner - if you're lagging, like me,
 on the decorations here are some simple DIY ideas...

And finally, Julie always makes me smile, 
and this post exemplifies her positive take on life.

Hope you're all enjoying a wonderful weekend -
yesterday was sunny and warm here and we barely set a foot inside all day.
Spring has sprung!

Guess it really is time to decorate for Easter, isn't it?!!

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