Easter Pretty: Flowers

Some enchanting floral ideas for easter in delicate blush, peach and pink tones...

front and centre...

Martha tucked tulips into baskets.. love this palette!

birch wrapped vases are perfect for a outdoor celebration...
love those snapdragons!

english garden..

minimal and dramatic - I love the simplicity here..

If you are organized, you may have some forced branches...

1 2 

If you didn't get branches inside two or three weeks ago (aside from Martha, who does that?!!),
ordinary branches wrapped with yarn (made mine already :) are an easy option
or just leave them bare and adorn with lacy butterflies..

Want something more original?
This is a fantastic rustic look- carrots, radish, and lettuce on display with pansies..

How about a bit of glam?

(these are really taking off as an option for bridal arrangements -
I was outbid on ebay for several lots of these beauties!)

or simply add a touch of pretty with silk roses as napkin rings....

speaking of napkins, that will be tomorrows post -
I love a cloth napkin, 
I've found some wonderful DIY's to share :)

I'm making mine tonight - what are you up to?

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