Easter Tables: Let the Planning Begin

The holiday weekend is fast approaching,
and my thoughts are focused on Easter tables.

This spectacular table was created by none other than Eddie Ross,
for a charity event last year.

That's the most exquisite easter table I've ever seen - truly. 
I so admire this man's creativity and originality.

He stayed up all night crafting the 14 dozen sparkled and gem encrusted eggs -
sounds like a kindred spirit, right?!!

Head over to his blog if you'd like to watch a video
 and read more about his inspiration and design process.

We've got 34 people heading over next sunday for Easter dinner, 
so you may have to bear with me this week as I have entertaining on the brain :)
and those glittery eggs are calling my name!!

Are you hosting this weekend?
What are you decor plans?

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