mud-room n. a small room that provides sanity for it's users

So there's a joke around here that we have three seasons:
blizzard, mosquito, and mud!

Mud occurs twice each year, spring and fall.

As the last heaps of our (15 feet of!) snow melt away,
the backyard has become a mucky brown pit -
bits of stubborn grey grass trying to hold on here and there,
rivers of water heading toward freedom.

Did I mention I live with three very active darlings and two maniacal chocolate labs?

Read: we are keeping swiffer in business!
If you guys have kids and pets, you know what I'm talking about here, yes?

Amidst all this fun :) I dream of mudrooms.... 

Sweet simplicity.

Charming displays -
loving sunglasses as art.

Custom built-in's and glossy white walls for a super clean design.


space to maneuver...


A potting bench!!

Okay, okay, I'm getting a little carried away..
(besides, in this lovely dream there is already a porch with a garden room , right?!!)

How about a smaller version?

One of the mini showers would be the BEST for muddy paws and boots..

How do you manage mud season at your place?

If I just ignore it, will it go away?
The mop and I have been spending far too much time together, 
perhaps an afternoon like this is in order :)

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