Must Do This..

Do you remember when I posted about that lovely island-style living space

Well, I've just been over to Design Addict Mom and seen this idea again - 

I love this look!
Sometimes I shy away from frame after frame of family photos,
it begins to look cluttered.
But this is clean, clean, clean!
Do you love it?

I'm thinking this may be the perfect solution 
to fill in our huge (empty!!) fireplace wall in the family room...

yes, that's a massage chair, and cords.. and dog toys!!
The wall color and the horrible "boat" lights are going, but they require scaffolding,
 so we've booked  a few people to come in and do this for us.
 I love to paint but draw the line at 20 foot ceilings!!

This is the room that requires the most restraint from me - 
the kids, dogs and D. really need to have a hang out
and somehow that ended up being my favourite space in the house!!

It's in the basement, but open to the main floor, 
with a wall of windows that fill the entire house with sunshine.

But wouldn't some oversized portraits fill in the gaps here?!!

Don't forget to pop over and check out the rest of that beautiful home - 
the windows will have you drooling :)

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