Home Sweet Home

For the past few days I have been helping the Mr. move into our new place. As you all know moving is a flat out pain in the arse. I was driving back from our 4th trip to unload when he looked at me and said, "lets only move one more time after this." I told him if we were lucky to get a starter home we could raise a family and grow old together in, I am all for it! Too bad every time we see a cute house that might be in our price range three or four years from now, they tear it down! I was saving the new Veranda for the gym (to keep me on the stair stepper longer than 20 minutes) but last night my Mama said it was the best issue she had ever seen... coming from a woman who has subscribed to the mag forever, thats saying something. What do you know one of my favorite spreads was about a FABULOUS house that believe it or not, was going to be torn down! Attention Mr. Builder slash Developer, leave the cute ones alone, it may not be your cookie cutter McMansion but its twice as charming and half the price. 

My Dream House ;-)

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