Works in Any Room: Gold Wall Sculpture

It's everywhere and after the design world being so saturated with gallery walls, 
I love the idea of a single, jaw-dropping piece...

tucked in alongside a mirror...

used as a punctuation point over a sofa...

They're not on the walls, but Michael Bruno likes these sculptural gold trees enough
to have one in both his Paris apartment and home in the Hamptons...

If you have the room in your budget,
heaps of these iconic Curtis Jere pieces can be found on his site, 1st dibs...


or maybe one of these beauties works for you -
I love, love, love the top one - so graceful..

buy 1 2 3

craving something more unusual?

weekend diy idea:
an entire wall of gold metal discs -
how gorgeous is that?

I'd love to do this as on headboard wall...

This clever sculpture gave me so many ideas...
it's made from foam core board and paint!

Amazing, right?

Check out the tutorial -
Jeremy's diy tessellation from Apartment Therapy


What do you think?

Want one?!

Iv'e been working on the desk a little this week-
hoping to finish it this weekend.

this is what I'm up against...

three layers of stain! Madness!

Happy Weekend :)

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