The Newlywed's Pad

   I thought living in an all white apartment would be sterile but there is something soothing about the monochromatic palate, painting the rooms and having to repaint them when we move out seemed silly anyway. I have fallen in love with the one color for every room look that nine times out of ten I never recommend for my clients. The apartment is not totally finished but then again what place ever is? I am constantly finding new things and adding bits here and there. We don't have bedside tables yet but running out and purchasing cheap pieces just to finish a room has never been my style. Ultimately you end up settling for something you don't love and you feel guilty spending money on the perfect thing when you finally find it. Henry and the Mr. don't seem to mind the fact that our lamps are uneven in the bedroom so why should it bother me? Married life is good, and our first place is a dream come true. 

Most girls my age have fabulous wardrobes, but when I get a little money to
spend I go straight for lamps and vintage furniture.

Grandma Lizzie's glamorous lamp is one of my favorite thing's in the apartment!

If it wasn't a rental I would tear that fan out of the ceiling and replace it with a chandelier in a heart beat! I hate ceiling fans, and ceiling fans with lights? BARF! I took the light bulbs out of the fans in both bedrooms so that even if the Mr. wanted to turn them on he couldn't ;-)

Still waiting for the other bamboo rod to arrive, grrrr

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