dhurrie dreams and a thank you

the patterns and colors of dhurries are always a delight

and you all know how much I love a patterned carpet....

we've seen them used as upholstery with great effect - 

that wee loveseat is on my wishlist....

and this one even works as a tablecloth...

but this idea?  THIS idea is genius....

just makes me want to break out the paintbrush!

If any of your know more about this room, please share details!
I found it on pinterest... isn't that where we find everything these days?!

I'd also like to say thank you to Megan (A Lived in Home) today,
for sending the One lovely Blog award my way -

you're a sweetheart, Megan!

I always appreciate your thoughtful comments around here - x

If you haven't explored Megan's blog yet, pop over,
she's got a great style and an adorable little one, Ava, 
who makes star appearances frequently :)

The color posts have been a bit thin lately, we're on summer hours round here, lol.
But next week I'm going to tackle another grey + color post, maybe green,
since so many of your expressed interest in it, which was a surprise to me!

the oldest darling and I have been working on a few bits in her room, 
I'll post some pics shortly - 


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