In My Perfect World

Everyone has a list of pet peeves, or things they would never allow in their house. For some people it's as simple as no beer signs in the living room, more particular individuals go so far as to ban printed paper towels in their kitchen. Sorry for the random rant, and the ugly pictures you are about to see, but I wanted to share a few elements I don't think belong in any household. In my perfect world these 4 items would not exist. 

1. Vertical Blinds. 

2. Ceiling Fans with Lights. (Ceiling fans without lights I don't hate as much)

3. Torche Lamps. Why would I want to light up the ceiling?

4. Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs- who ever invited these dreadful toxic things should be slapped. 

What could you do without in your perfect world??

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