lightening love

Have you been to Anthro in the past few days?
They've lost the paper header, and sharpened up their graphics.
A little less shabby vintage and little more graphic.

I feel like the return to eighties edge is upon us.

Case in point, these one-of-a-kind quilts by Fred Shand,
(on sale now for just $750.00!!)
that have that perfect anthro balance of kitsch, artistry and 80's vintage.

Ever since I first saw them I've been dreaming of the bedroom I would put one in,
particularly this one...

it would work quite nicely with the anthro campaign bed that they style it up on,
but what else?

Perhaps a shagreen wallpaper, 
a lush overdyed carpet,
hits of black,
and a wee bit of sparkle and shine?

Lightening Love.

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