Finally, Matching Bedside Tables!

A month ago I did a post here about my inspiration for two bedside tables I planed on making. In the post I said I would reveal the finished product the following week, however, work, life, work, and more work prevented me from actually devoting time to my do it yourself project. Determined to get this done before 2012, I went to the local glass place and had two mirrored tops cut to the shape of my board's that my contractor cut out for me. Yesterday I picked up the mirrors, some scrap wood to glue on the side for trim, paint, and a tube of liquid nails. I skipped my nightly gym routine and finally finished my tables! In retrospect I should have probably made the wood tops a little thicker, and if you look closely you can definitely tell they are DIY, but I think once I find a better paint to match the base of the corbels they will be perfect. 

Eventually I will paint the tops to match the base but they don't bother me
as much in person as they do in this picture. 

New bedside tables plus a new painting above the
Mr's dresser from my Mama equals a finished (for now) Master Bedroom 

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