kijiji and the power of photography

so I'm cruising through the kijiji furniture ads...

somewhere I really should NOT be allowed to wander unsupervised :)

and I come across these pics...

might not have stopped me in my tracks, 
but a closer read revealed these are pics of
Ralph Lauren writers chairs...
giant upholstered beauties that are as comfortable as they are dashing.

In perfect condition.


A pair of emerald green velvet armchairs are on my wish list for the family room.

But could these work?

They look a little worse for the wear in the pics, don't they?
 A quick email exchange with the owner reveals they are indeed in perfect condition.

While I spend a few days considering working with this deep rich merlot hue in the future redo,
the seller emails me three times with huge price reductions.

By $375 I had no resolve left. 

Pretty damn sexy, aren't they?

I think if these had been the pics posted online they may have sold just a wee bit faster!

Of course now I need to change a whole bunch of other things in the design plan I had cooked up...
ah, the dreaded ripple effect!

But they're worth it :)

ps. have a really, really good Crushing on Color post lined up for monday,
it's delicious, truly.. stop by for decadent eye candy!

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