so, uh, what do you know about bake sales?

Have I mentioned how much Miss N loves to bake?

This summer, a friend of her would pop over every few days and they would experiment in the kitchen...
it started out with me being called in every few minutes to answer a question,
but now she can whip up a batch of cookies or cupcakes without any help, 
and I'm pretty impressed with the results!

So when the two of them decided they would like to hold a bake sale before Christmas,
and donate the proceeds to the food bank,
I was all for it.

A few other friends have decided to join in,
and so we're making four recipes here
(as a start) and they are each planning on bringing some extras.

This weekend we made a practice batch of The Worlds Best Sugar Cookies

and I thought maybe I'd share this recipe with you (it's printable!).

These are the simplest and most yummy cookies you'll make.

We add candy corn on top for Hallowe’en, conversation hearts for Valentines...
for the bake sale, we will make green and red and add a Christmas hersheys kiss to each. 

Of course, now my head is spinning with ideas for presentation and so on...

Thoughts? Suggestions?

I'm thinking red tablecloths, white paper snowflakes (which the girls can make)
and some candy cane decorations.
How to package everything?
Cupcakes in drinking cups? Have you seen this?

We'll be making another type of ball cookie, snowman cupcakes, and chocolate dipped oreo's...
one of the girls is bringing brownies, and another banana bread, 
and another a gingerbread house to be raffled off.

I may make a few pies if there is time :)

Here's where I need your help -
we're trying to figure out price points... how much does a cupcake go for these days?!!
obviously we want to raise as much money for the food bank as we can....
I'm thinking we'll package everything to be sold for either one dollar or five dollars,
 and have two tables, one for each.

What do you think?

(I'll show you the other cookie recipe geek week - it's a drop cookie, but gingerbread!
Just as easy and just as delicious!)


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