Accent Walls: Do or Don't?

The other day a client asked me what I thought of accent walls. She had been into Pottery Barn to look at furniture for her son's room and the PB lady suggested to her that the color we had picked out, Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, would be too dark for the room and that an accent wall would be better. First of all, I don't know about you all but I am so not an accent wall type of girl. Aside from showing a complete lack of commitment to a room, I feel like it's something Frank from Trading Spaces would do, and when I think of that I automatically think of stencils. Just for the heck of it I thought I would Google "accent wall" and oh my lawd, you should try it. There were some pictures I wanted to put on my Pinterest Humor board! So anyway, long story short, I am not convinced that accent walls are the way to go, but I know some people might feel differently so lets vote on it! Accent walls- are they a do or a don't?

 I for one think there are plenty of ways (if you are not brave enough to go all out) to use a bold or dark color without limiting it to one wall in a room, and my favorite solution is to use beadboard, and crisp white wood as contrast. 

For the record this was the only picture I liked after my accent wall Google search... 

ignore the ceiling, I don't know whats going on there

Images via
Trad Home, Christina Murphy, Pink Wallpaper, Apartment Therapy
JK Palace Capri, Pinterest

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