tray display

a rhyming title, pretty witty for a monday morning, no?!!

How was everyone's weekend? We got oodles of snow here, but none of us minded, because we were indoors, trying on summer clothes for our upcoming beach vacay! (Does anyone else go up a size over the winter? Aggghhh!) 8 doys 'til we leave, not that I am counting :) I have some very cool guest bloggers lined up for you while I'm away, it's gonna be GOOOD!

Anyway, I was looking at this photo over the weekend (its from House and Home mag, that amazing equine inspired home from last year, but I don't have the exact link).....

I love the impact these large trays have grouped as a wall display... and was thinking that this could be adapted for all sorts of rooms... so of course I went off looking for vintage trays that could be grouped together - and discovered there's heaps of them on Etsy...

Similar to a plate wall, but the larger scale means more a more dramatic display, right?
Anyone else feel a shopping spree coming on?!!

x am

shopping links:

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