a day in the life: thrifting, styling and photo editing

What you choose to do with your precious days off really reflect the person you are, don't they? Yesterday, I went out thrifting. There is nothing like poking around in a dusty shop full of vintage loveliness to make my heart sing! I haven't been out in ages, and I found a bunch of small things for the house as well as some pieces for a friend who is moving and needs a bit of staging done prior to listing her home.

Our bedroom is in flux mode right now - on the weekend we moved our bed frame to the guest room, because I am going to make a new upholstered version - pics will follow :) I'm planning a to incorperate "dressing cabinet", to store and display my favourite accessories, and so need a few bits for jewelry display. Enter this charming little tiered - tray brass and laquer number - perfect for the jewelry I'm wearing everyday. As you can see, it's already settled into it's new home...

I bought it, brought it home, and immediately cleaned it, styled up this little display and took photos!
Please tell me I'm not the only one :)  x am

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