yay or nay: hang a hammock...inside!

 Do any of you watch Survivor? It's a guilty pleasure 'round here, with D., I  and the kids plopping ourselves down in front of the idiot box every week to watch as people proclaim their values morally superior and then scheme the demise of every ally they have :) Why am I mentioning this? This season there is a character this season named "Tarzan" (yup, he really calls himself that), who refuses to discuss his strategy each week, saying cryptically, "the game is afoot". He's a bit of an odd duck, but the phrase has stuck with me.

Spring is afoot here. The air smells differently then it did a week ago. I'm dreaming of sunshine, and lemonade, and starry evenings with friends. And hammocks. Reading books, snuggles with the darlings and afternoon  naps in hammocks.... But really, why only enjoy this a few months of the year? These people bucked tradition and installed hammocks in their homes - SO wish I had the space for this!

SO wish I had the space to do this! I especially like the black hammock hung in that nook off the room containing nothing but a piano. That room lives in my dream home, lol.  What do you think of this? Is it something you would ever do?

photo links rainbow hammock  persimmon + white  black and white  piano + hammock rustic ceiling + hammock orange yellow hammock

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