DIY: textile art

Remember when I showed you that pic of that mudcloth I found for a steal on ebay? Well, it arrived in the mail last week. Yesterday I built the frame and this morning it was stapled and placed in it's new home above the mantle. I'm in love!

It needs more layering, of course, and it has to be hung properly - currently it is sitting on a lucite box used to try out the height! But don't you just love it?!! I have been searching for three years for the right piece to hang in this spot, and there is a great sense of satisfaction at having finally found it. The walls are finally white, we found a sofa last week that D and I both like for this room, and so progress is being made, SLOWLY! Why is it my that projects round here move at a snails pace? Like the barefoot cobbler's children, I suppose :)

I'm off to source fabrics today for a client, it's a perfect day for driving with the wind in your hair.... hope the sun is shining where you are, as well - x am

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