how the colour of your sofa can enlarge your room

Space is the ultimate luxury. I forget where I read that, but it's true. It doesn't matter how large your home is, it seems most of us are trying to create the feel of spaciousness within them. So today I'm going to show you how the colour of your sofa can make you room feel larger.

Lets' just consider the sofa for a moment - averaging 8 feet long, 40 inches deep, and 36" high, this space hog takes up over a hundred square feet in your room.  Crazy right? For that reason the sofa usually becomes the focal point of the room. But what if you would like something else to be the focal point - say, the fireplace?

How do you make the largest piece of furniture in the space unobtrusive?
Colour. Here's the top-secret trick - are you ready?!!!

 If there is a strong contrast between your sofa colour and your walls, the size of the sofa will be emphasized, and the space will seem smaller - BUT, if your sofa should blend into your walls or your floor it will visually disappear.

That doesn't mean they have to be the same colour, but similar VALUE (value = the darkness or lightness of a colour, a post on that is in the works :)

For example, here are two sides of the same room - the orange upholstery provides a huge contrast, while the leaf green blends in seamlessly to the peacock walls.

Let's look at a few high contrast spaces first so you can see how the sofa dominates the room.

In a few other spaces the floor grounds the sofa, and it becomes part of a larger whole....

Some examples of the sofa/wall colour combination.....isn't it amazing to see a red sofa settle so comfortably into a room?

Layering the walls, floor AND large pieces in the same tones creates a positively enormous room!

Especially when they are all done in white :)

There you go - one of my best tricks for creating a spacious living room, lovelies!
Would you try this in your own space? x am

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