Bathroom Renovations

Kitchen renovations are my favorite, but bathrooms come in a close second. Right now I have faucet toilet and sink ideas running through my head constantly, but that's probably because I am currently working on eight bathrooms remodels. Some bathrooms we chose oil rubbed bronze hardware, others in polished nickel, my all time personal favorite. I am not using a single fixture twice except for my go to, and I know it sounds weird but it's my favorite toilet, the Kohler Memoirs. With a gajillion pictures on Houzz and Pinterest it's easy to get carried away, I have clients who have brand new bathrooms and still get envious browsing the web looking at photos. The key is to pick timeless elements and mix them in with updated touches. I will never get tired of basketweave marble floors or white subway tile, two trends that were used fifty years ago but like pearls remain timeless. Polished nickel is still my favorite finish but oil rubbed bronze is growing on me, I hope when the Mr. and I become homeowners our house has two bathrooms so I can have both. 

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