Pet's on Furniture, Do or Don't?

Monday's post about adorable Nursery's got me thinking about how the Mr. and I are completely not ready for kids right now. The main reason? He's a push over when it comes down to saying no to Hank. One of my favorite blogs Desire To Inspire, does a segment that features pets on furniture, which is adorable, but I am on the fence about the issue. My beloved Henry, who was positively perfect in every way, knew never to get on furniture except the bed; which the Mr. and I referred to as our "Time Share." The bed was Henry's from 8:00am to 9:00pm, obviously we were free to join him during those hours but only if it didn't disturb him. Hank on the other hand is one cheeky little monkey. All this kid wants to do is get on the furniture with us. There is one chair in particular which he thinks is his, it's like in the Flintstones when Fred throws his pet out the front door and he jumps back in through the window... The other night I made Hank get off the chair six times, until he decided that maybe sitting next to me on the sofa would be better. I'm trying to be firm, and it's hard to say no to that face, but it's even harder when your husband wont say no. Even the threat of me buying a new sofa, in the likely event that Hank ruins it, has not swayed his feelings on the topic. Then again if he knew how much the living room furniture cost he might agree, or kill me. So I can't decide, let Hank join us on the sofa, or splurge on a posh doggie bed and hope he stays on the floor? 

A phone pic the Mr. sent me while I was at work to taunt me. Thats not an app to 
make the image look vintage, he literally has an old school flip phone with gravel embedded in the lens. 

Cute yes. Practical? Not so much. Who wants to come over for cocktails to sit in a dog chair?

My idea to remedy our situation...

Until we (I) figure it out, Hank will have to deal with Henry's spot...

Henry my love- we miss you buddy! 

Doggie beds via here and here

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