pinteresting: art over windows

I find so many fabulous bits of creativity via pinterest, and some are really due more than a repin.
Hence the new feature, "pinteresting", where I invite your opinions about whatever wonderful thing made me sit up and take notice each week....

So. let's get on with it, shall we? This weeks brilliance...

We've seen art layered over bookcases, but how about this: art over windows.

It seems mad, but if you think about it, especially in a room like the one below, 
windows are often abundant and wall space is not. 

Why not break up that huge expanse of glass with a little eye candy?

Thank you to Raina at A Stylist's Life for posting about the work of Eric Cohler,
thereby exposing this innovative art display.

So what are all you art lovers thinking about this one?

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