Living Room Update

I feel like this post should be titled "Living Room Update slash Hank's Life Get's Turned Upside Down"...  Since all of our current client project's seem to be running in slow motion due to everyone's lax summer schedule, I thought I would share an apartment update with you all. Nothing major, but now that Jack is almost 8 months old and is on the verge of crawling, I thought it would be a good idea to swap out our living room Sea Grass rug for something a little more cozy. I love the look and durability of Sea Grass, but in terms of comfort it's horrible. After much deliberation I decided to stick with a neutral rug rather than bring in a pop of color. Our favorite guy's over at Carpet Palace delivered the new rug over the weekend, and I am obsessed!! In addition to the new rug, the Mr. and I made the executive decision to enforce a strict no pups on furniture policy. Part of the reason is because of allergies, and part is due to the fact that the furniture was starting to look like it belonged in a Habitat for Humanity store. As a compromise for taking back our chair, we took Hank's crate down and beefed up his dog bed. Having the massive crate out of there literally makes the room feel huge! I love the new look and feel of the room, and more importantly the boys love it too. 

Before: I lined the inside of the crate with old ikea drapes, and we had the desk up on bed risers so the crate would fit underneath. 

After: Hank has more room to sprawl out. 

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